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Cheese Biscuits

Simple Warm Cheese Biscuits

20160602_181327Typically, I do not endorse boxed products; however, one of the products I love is Red Lobster’s Cheese Biscuit Mix.  Popular and served at the chain restaurant, these biscuits, when warm are so delicious and are very easy to prepare from their packaged mix.

Only water, cheese and butter are necessary for this mix.

I added slightly more cheese than the box recommends which in turn, caused the mix to need a small amount of additional water.  Just make sure your dough has a sticky consistency.



Cheese Biscuits
As you can see, I used Happy Cow Creamery one year old organic cheddar cheese. Slightly more expensive than traditional brands, but well worth it.

My dough was very sticky.  I used a tablespoon to drop the batter onto the cookie sheet.

Cheese Biscuits
No need to make these into balls or try to get the perfect shape. The irregular shape makes them “biscuits.”
Cheese Biscuits
While the biscuits bake (approximately 16 minutes) I melted the butter and combined with the herb packet to form the baste.
Cheese Biscuits
Ideal when warm! I place leftovers in an air sealed zip lock bag. Biscuits can be warms in the microwave, should only take 25-30 seconds to warm back up.


Let me know your favorite products and I will give them a try.



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