Celebrate National Pig Day! with EASY Sautéed Pork Chop with Jack Daniel’s Glaze

Today’s pork is leaner (about 1/3 fewer calories) and higher in protein than that consumed just 10 years ago. Pork is a great source of protein:  100 grams of roasted pork top loin contains 26.45 grams of protein. Roasted pork top loin is considerably lower in fat compared to most types of poultry, at 8.82Read more

Happy Margarita Day!

Happy Margarita Day! 2 oz. Cabo Wabo tequila – the smoothest tequila I have ever tasted. 1 oz. Triple Sec 6 oz. “Jose Cuervo Original Margarita Mix” I like my recipe because it is more sweet, than sour. ENJOY! Give me some feedback on this recipe. Please follow and like us: