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Perfect Birthday Gift for a Foodie

Another birthday has rolled around and although my husband did not inquire as to what I might like to do, I decided to create my own birthday celebration. Food adventures are what I love to do whenever we go on vacation or visit a new city. The culinary adventure I planned when we were in

Moonshine Creek Campground

After our wonderful experience at family operated KOA Travelers Rest campground, see my summary at; Doug and I were looking for another family operated campground in the Blue Ridge Mountains for a quick getaway Forth of July weekend.  Moonshine Creek Campground is a quiet, clean and a comfortable location fitting the bill perfectly. Moonshine

Camping at KOA in Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Taking the camper to the mountains Last fall, when my husband discussed relocating to South Carolina, I was apprehensive but excited.  I knew the process of packing our belongings, moving and getting into a new house was going to be an ordeal.  I did not realize we would be living in our 5th wheel camper

Using a Camper Microwave-Convection Oven

What is a microwave-convection oven Installed frequently in recreational vehicles, it is a combination of a regular convection oven with a microwave.  Users are able to use the quick interior cooking of microwaves combined with the surface browning of hot air.  Convection cooking allows for the interior cooking of a traditional oven, just hotter and