EASY Freezing For My Summer Garden

As of today, my garden has rendered a great harvest, more than enough for my husband and I.  I have been doing research and I am trying several methods to “preserve” my summer harvest. All fruits and vegetables have enzymes and bacteria that can destroy the nutrients, change the color and texture of the food. Read more

Free Proper Protein Temperature Chart

Ok, my memory is not what it used to be. Last night, I am grilling chicken breast and could not remember the proper cook temperature – uggg.  So, I decided to make a user friendly chart for me and my fellow home cooks. [table id=1 /] The best way to test for doneness is usingRead more

National Grilled Cheese Day: What is cheese?

To honor National Grilled Cheese Day, I thought I would talk about cheese and the process of making cheese.  With over a dozen organic dairy farms making cheese in South Carolina alone, it has become more easily accessible.  Specialty and small farm brands can be ordered online. What is cheese? Cheese can be broken downRead more

Cooking From A Recipe

When deciding what to prepare for dinner, I usually assess what ingredients I have in the kitchen and find a corresponding recipe. I hate anything to go to waste.  Although I try to pre-schedule meals and make my shopping list accordingly, at the beginning of the week, somehow a wrench is always thrown in myRead more

Top 5 Essential Tools for Easter Ham

Hope you read yesterday’s post on how to thaw, prepare and roast your Easter ham?  Today, I will list my top five essential tools for cooking and serving your Easter Ham. 5.  Rimmed sheet pan with a cooling rack – pictured is my very reliable, durable “Lincoln Food Service” half-sized heavy duty sheet pan.  LightlyRead more

Properly Storing FRESH Herbs At Home

These days, home cooks can buy fresh herbs at their local supermarket.  Most retailers sell cilantro, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley, basil and thyme. Always buy the freshest bunch.  Try smelling them. Fresh herbs should have a strong, fresh aroma.  The leaves should look clean, green and crisp. Once home, do not clean themRead more

My TOP 5 Kitchen Tools

These are the TOP 5 work horses in MY kitchen, the tools I cannot live without. Let me know if you agree or list YOUR top 5 kitchen work horses in the comments. #5 – Boos cutting board – this one is 18″x24″x1 1/2″ and sits next to my cook top.  I use it toRead more