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Shucks Oyster Bar

Shucks Oyster Bar Shines Like A Pearl

I don’t have to explain the difficulty in finding a great oyster bar when you do not live anywhere near coastal waters; but, Mr. Pitmaster and I discovered a pearl in the Upstate culinary scene.

Shucks Oyster Bar is a husband and wife owned eatery just 30 minutes southwest of Greenville, South Carolina. Not only do they serve great oysters, the James River variety from Virginia were my favorite, but they have a full menu sure to please even the most picky eaters.

Shucks Oyster BarThe restaurant sits in downtown Anderson, SC on the town square.

The casual comfortable elongated dining room welcomes those craving good, honest food, reasonably priced.

Chalk blackboards display their impressive list of local brew offerings.

While another board, includes their daily specials and the current oyster offerings.

Opting for their variety platter, I was able to construct my own oyster choices..


   1. Petite Sweets – best for those who enjoy the saltiness of oysters
   2. Gulf Fresh from Alabama – very meaty, subtle salt flavor
   3. James River from Virginia – most delicious, meaty, large oysters.


Incredible Menu

Because everything Devon and Tala have put on the menu is so appealing, it was very difficult choosing what to eat.

After starting with the oysters, four of each variety is on the platter, I had to try the…


Smoked Oyster Deviled Egg. Shucks Oyster Bar Smoked Oyster Deviled Egg

Creamy, but with the perfect balance of smokiness and saltiness from the oyster.

I could have ordered 1/2 dozen more.






Instead, we had to try the Oyster Rockefeller.  Roasted, covered with spinach and Parmesan cheese, they were almost too hot to pick up.

Shucks Oyster Bar Oyster Rockefeller

Shucks have their own “house hot sauce.”  I highly recommend eating your oysters with this 4-month bourbon barrel aged sauce.  The smokiness of just a few drops will be the perfect accompaniment to your oysters.  Don’t let the “hot sauce” term scare you away, it is not too spicy, even for a wimp for hot foods, like me.

Mr. Pitmaster ordered a dozen peel ‘n eat shrimp.  Fresh and crisp, he enjoyed them as if we were visiting the Emerald Coast.

Shucks menu has many more entrees to try, including a barbecue pork sandwich, served with their very own white sauce.

I asked Devon if I could try his sauce, he brought over a rather large sample.

It reminded me of “yum, yum” sauce from most Japanese steakhouses. Devon affirmed, that was his intention.  It seems to be a cross between tarter sauce, vinegar based barbecue sauce and a creamy vinaigrette.

Shucks Oyster House Mac N Cheese Shucks Oyster Bar Mac N Cheese

Being a Mac N Cheese fan, I had to try there homemade version.

Rich and creamy, this mac n cheese is made with cavatappi pasta, or corkscrew pasta.

Topped with huge bacon chunks, this was filling and the portion was enough for two.





Shucks Oyster Bar Key Lime Pie

What best tops off a gulf seafood dining treasure? Well it would be Shucks Oyster Bar’s very own Key Lime Pie. Rich, delicious, without an overpowering lime flavor.

Open an Oyster, You Might Find a Pearl

After trying several restaurants in the Greenville area, this is the best place for oysters.  Of all the oysters we ate that day, not a single shell.

Austin, the shucker for the evening, did an outstanding, speedy job.

The kitchen sits downstairs from the full length bar and dining room; therefore, no excessive noise.

Devon and Tala have a great hospitality skills and making patrons feel right at home.

The restaurant is personable, quaint and unpretentious.  I felt like, I could’ve hung out there all evening.

About 7 PM, on a Saturday night, the place starting filling up, while a local acoustic guitarist set up his mic and amp.

I know we will be back….

Shucks Oyster Bar

315 North Main Street Anderson, SC 29621

Shucks Oyster Bar on Facebook










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Birthday gift for a foodie JoAnn's Food Bites

Perfect Birthday Gift for a Foodie

Another birthday has rolled around and although my husband did not inquire as to what I might like to do, I decided to create my own birthday celebration.

Food adventures are what I love to do whenever we go on vacation or visit a new city.

The culinary adventure I planned when we were in Las Vegas was one for the history books and another blog post.

This extravaganza would be exciting for me and tolerable for my husband (he is not an adventurous foodie).


First Stop: Downtown Greenville Farmer’s Market

Having only been one time, last summer…I wanted to see what the market had to offer for 2017.

Although we have not lived here very long, I already have a few favorites.

Upstate Greens is owned and operated by Jason and Kim. Jason is a retired Marine who has put his passion for urban farming to excellent use. Upstate GreensSpecializing in micro-greens, Upstate Greens is always popular and sells out of product. Unfortunately, I arrived around 10 a.m. and was unable to buy any of my favorites: micro-broccoli, micro-arugula or micro-basil.

He was SOLD OUT!

Although, slightly disappointed, I had better luck at Naked Pasta.. Using local ingredients to make their own homemade pasta and sauces, Naked Pasta had a line 10 people deep when I arrived.
I rushed to get some spinach-fettuccine; Tuscan bean & basil ravioli; and potato-cheddar agnolotti.


Agnolotti is a semi-circular pocket; stuffed with cheese, meats or vegetables. Similar to a dumpling.

Brunch at Stewart Penick’s Terrace Restaurant

Quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants in Greenville, Terrace offers breakfast/brunch entrees until late afternoon everyday.

Terrace Restaurant Chef's Hash SpecialToday, I opted for the Chef’s Hash Special; a breaded, country fried chicken steak, with gravy, peppers, onions, potatoes and cheese.  Served with toast and a raspberry jam, it was filling and comforting.

Knowing our itinerary, I only had one lunch cocktail, a Whiskey Girl Peach refreshing sipper. It is one of those drinks that would easily creep up on ya.

Despite my high recommendation to my husband, of the red velvet chicken and waffles, he tried the barbecue sandwich plate.  Terrace Restaurant

I cannot rave about this restaurant enough.  So many traditional southern dishes; each with their own twist to bump it up a notch.




Time for Moonshine Tasting at Dark Corner Distillery

Dark Corner Distillary Birthday Foodie WeekendDark Corner Distillery has a store front in downtown Greenville, offering their Appalachian moonshine, whiskey and their own mixer concoctions.

Patrons can pay just $5 to sample six spirits and keep the Dark Corner Distillery shot glass.

Of course, I enjoy the more sweeter flavors such as peach, apple/maple and butterscotch.  After trying those three spirits, I had to buy a bottle of each.

We also purchased a “crafty cocktail” mixer, Summer Melon.  Made with watermelon juice, mint, lemon juice and of course, Whiskey Girl Moonshine.

Doug & I enjoyed the good conversation with our bartender, Dallas.



Dinner at Rick Erwin’s Clemson

Although, I have ate at this elegant restaurant before (see my previous review by clicking here);   I was craving a prime filet Mignon and was hoping Rick Erwin’s would not let me down.

Scheduling a reservation for 7 o’clock would round out my foodie birthday extravaganza, I wanted to thoroughly enjoy it.

Waiting for what seemed like eternity, I finally received my Knob Creek and cola.  For me, this was unusual to try a new bourbon, but I enjoyed its smooth texture.

Knob Creek cola Rick Erwin's Clemson

Our appetizer was Oysters Rockefeller, with bacon, spinach and cheese.  Served hot, these delectable bites, started the meal off right.

Oysters Rockefeller Rick Erwin's Clemson birthday foodieOyster's Rockefeller Rick Erwin's Clemson








I ordered the center-cut filet, which was cooked absolutely to perfection.  I ordered an accompaniment of cheesy whipped mashed potatoes.

The sauteed mushrooms were so light and meaty; a great way to cut the cheesiness on the potatoes.

Because sides are à la carte, servings are more than enough for 2-3 people.

Center Cut Filet Rick Erwin's Clemson

The birthday dinner was so filling, I took half of it home and enjoyed it a second night.

Although no gifts were given, no cake was baked…this was the PERFECT BIRTHDAY FOR THIS FOODIE.

I think I am going to take a foodie journey every birthday from now on.

















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Coffee Underground freelancer

A Freelancer Taking a Java Journey

Working from home each day can be difficult. Nagging household chores are begging you for attention. The television is only one click away from a huge distraction, especially if you have writers block.

When I decided (actually my husband encouraged it) to launch my freelance writing career, I created my own planner and set out to create a weekly schedule, allowing me to stay focused on my blog AND my freelance writing.

However, I under estimated the significance of my work environment.

Living and working in a two room apartment, while our home is being constructed has proven to be very claustrophobic. Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home; however, every day and every night, the same four walls can be suffocating.

To relieve my stagnant situation – I needed motivation so… I started this series – Java Journey.

Each week, I will work outside the home for a full day, in a local coffee shop and report back to you what I see, experience and feel.

Goals for this experience:

      1. Get to taste some good coffee. I love a good cup of java. It gets my creative juices flowing and picks me up, especially since I am NOT a morning person in the first place.
      2. Find the quaint hidden gems. Greenville is a foodie town. So many restaurants opening. Greenville Today: 6 New Restaurants in 6 Days. Hopefully, I will discover some great places to work in the future.
      3. Stir the creative juices. Hopefully getting out of the house will help me figure out some places to pitch my freelancing credentials. Plenty of small businesses in this town, which could use an outside prospective to stimulate their profits.
      4. Network? – I don’t know if this will be possible, since 90% of the people I see in coffee shops, are meeting other people. The solo-entrepreneur is not the majority here, which kinda shocks me. Am I the only one?

Today I am at Coffee Underground.

Located in the heart of downtown, but hidden literally below street level, hence underground, Coffee Underground is a full service coffee bar, offering a vast selection of hot coffees, frozen smoothies, flavored milkshakes, frappes, and other beverages.

Hungry? Coffee Underground has an array of pastries, cakes and sweet treats available. But they also have more substantial choices, with simple breakfast plates served all day. Sandwiches, salads, burgers and a kids menu are available. Food can be prepared from open to close.

With a hardwood bar, dark wood tables and trim, the surroundings are homey and comfortable. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee is always present. There are secluded rooms for those needing a more quiet environment. Small sofas and winged back chairs are scattered throughout the dining area.

Coffee Underground Greenville Freelance WriterCoffee Underground Greenville Freelance Writer



Scenic black and white artwork adorn the original brick walls, creating an unpretentious space. Subtle classic rock ‘n roll music plays in the background.





During lunch and in the evenings, Coffee Underground takes on another personality. Offering not only the huge coffee menu, but also adult beverages. Ranging from beer, wine, and mixed cocktails to hot tot-ties, and delectable sweet ice cream based drinks; there is something to satisfy every pallet. Most standard liquor brands are available – Bacardi, Smirnoff, Jack Daniels, Crown Royal and others.

A small theater called The Alchemy is next door, featuring Improv shows and open-mic nights.

A group meeting room can be reserved for birthday celebrations, baby showers or networking meetings, complete with a television monitor for visual presentations. Coffee Underground offers a catering service for large parties.

A minimum purchase of $2 is required for wi-fi access. A designated parking lot is NOT available.

I circled the block twice to obtain a free street space.

As you enter Coffee Underground, you will approach the “place your order” counter. I ordered a large chocolate mocha with whip cream (a drink to compare to all bistros), along with a “build your own omelet.” Prepared with two eggs, bacon, peppers, onions mushrooms and cheese, it was ready within five minutes.

Coffee Underground Build Your Own Omlete

Coffee Underground White Chocolate Mocha


I picked up my order at the adjoining counter, once my name was called and sat down.

The omelet was delicious and filling. Served in a large, ceramic, heavy cup, my mocha was creamy, chocolaty and not scalding hot.

I love the coziness of this place. Although very busy with customers, it does not feel loud or overbearing, like a certain bustling chain coffee house can be.



What a discovery! Coffee Underground is great for…

an early workday

a light, quick lunch

or a relaxing evening cocktail

Coffee Underground Coffee Underground  located at 1 E. Coffee St. Greenville, SC 29601Coffee Underground

  • Monday – Thursday 7 AM – 10 PM
  • Friday – 7 AM – 11:30 PM
  • Saturday – 8 AM – 11:30 PM
  • Sunday – 8 AM – 10 PM
  • Hours change for holidays











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Terrace Restaurant Greenville, South Carolina

Comfort and Flavor at Terrace Restaurant in Greenville

Founder and CEO, Stewart Penick has brought his flavorful, comfortable dining experience to Greenville.  With two successful locations in North Carolina, Terrace offers traditional southern cuisine prepared in a more modern upscale style.


Signature Style of Southern Comfort Food

Stewart Penick, with persuasion from his nephew Jacob, opened their first Terrace location in 2009. With success in Charlotte and Ballantyne, North Carolina, Penick wanted to bring his passion for good food, in a comfortable atmosphere to Greenville.  “This has been a year and half process,” said Stewart Penick.  Remodeling a former auto repair shop, in the West End historic district may have been a tall task, but the dining room and bar area

Terrace bar areaTerrace dining room











are cozy, using warm earth tone colors. The high industrial ceiling along with the historic brick accent wall, above booth dining, exemplify the vintage design Greenville intended for this part of town.

Commitment to GreenvilleTerrace Restaurant Greenville

General Manager, Doug Stevens explained, “Terrace appreciates the Greenville area.”  Buying local ingredients, collaborating with Upstate favorite Dark Corner Distillery and featuring local artist paintings in the dining room exemplify their commitment to the area.

Featuring 20 craft beer breweries operating in the Carolinas.  All these breweries use local ingredients and share Terrace’s commitment to working with regional businesses.

Most of the vegan offerings include products from Asheville, North Carolina.


Savory, Flavorful Food

Along with signature dishes as shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles (being red velvet waffles) and fried green tomatoes, patrons will enjoy a variety of savory, filling dishes.

Breakfast includes traditional steak and eggs; biscuits and an incredible Lemon Poppy Seed French Toast.  Unusual but delicious, the lemon poppy seed bread is delectable with a mellow sweetness.

Penick discovered most who seek out brunch, still desire breakfast type fare, even after lunchtime.  Serving breakfast/brunch until 3 PM, visitors can enjoy other full-flavored offerings such as; pancakes, omelets and benedicts.

Terrace red velvet waffles chicken lemon poppy seed french toast

I plan to visit the Greenville Saturday Market, then enjoy brunch at Terrace.


Among many delights on the dinner menu (4 PM – 9 PM); Smothered Chicken, a grilled chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, grape tomatoes and grilled onions.  Or you can enjoy the succulent, perfectly cooked Marsala Filet Medallions, which are seasoned and seared, served with mushrooms and Marsala sauce.  Both entrees include cheesy mashed potatoes which are creamy and soft.

smothered chicken filet medallions

Penick prides himself on his finely tuned menu full of flavor and a variety of butter sauces, along with his wife, Cindy’s dessert menu, with new sweet treats offered every few months.

Mini shocolate torte Terrace

Cindy’s Mini Chocolate Torte is a smooth semi-sweet chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache over chocolate cookie crumbs.

The Dining Experience

I am one of those who strategically plan a dining experience. Terrace illustrates my necessary criteria for a great restaurant.

                    Well-prepared, flavorful food

                    Exceptional Service

                    Enjoyable Experience

Terrace in Greenville illustrates all these criteria to a superlative level.

The wait staff was very attentive, prompt and courteous.

The restrooms, which in my opinion can tell the true story of a restaurant’s virtue.  The female bathroom was clean, beautiful and modern.

Not exceedingly large, the bathroom had warm decor and conveniently located.

From the Bar

Collaborating with Dark Corner Distillery has allowed Terrace to offer signature cocktails, available no where else.

  • Berry Shine Smash – moonshine with a berry puree
  • Blueberry Crumb Cake – Dark Corner Butterscotch Whiskey w/ blueberries and graham crackers
  • Southern Belle – strawberry, pineapple, Whiskey Girl Peach and Campari

For American Whiskey lovers, like me, Terrace has 37 bourbons and 15 single malt scotch varieties.

scotch bourbons Terrace Restaurant

And something very unusual for the Upstate, Terrace’s libations include four types of Japanese Whisky  including, Nikka; which won “Best of the Best” for their aged malt at the 2001 Whisky Magazines awards.  Japanese Whisky was rarely exported prior to 2001. Now, Terrace is one of the very few places serving this innovative spirit.

Terrace in downtown Greenville provides good, quality food, reasonably priced.  With an upscale-casual atmosphere, I plan to visit again for breakfast, lunch, dinner and I will visit after 9 PM on Friday or Saturday for their late night snacks and cocktails.

Please comment below if you visited and tell me your thoughts.

Terrace Greenville











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Sidewall Pizza

Sidewall Pizza is Popular in Travelers Rest

Sidewall PizzaI love dining at locally owned restaurants and Sidewall Pizza is a prime example.  A popular restaurant before I relocated to the Upstate, they now have 2 locations. Known for FULL-SIZE, loaded pizzas…you will never go away hungry at this establishment.

This place is always hopping.  With its simplistic exterior and casual setting, it is a great spot for cyclist to stop and dine.  Complete with bike racks, it sits adjacent to the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail.  For those readers not familiar with the Upstate, the trail is a 21 mile multi-use green-way system that runs along the Reedy River connecting Greenville County with schools, parks, and local businesses.  Frequented by cyclists, joggers and all recreation enthusiasts, it is a great way to enjoy everything Greenville has to offer.

Conception of Sidewall Pizza

Sidewall Pizza Company was conspired by Andy O’Mara and Loren Frant, transplants to the Travelers Rest area.  They were originally looking at opening a canoe company, however, the community was hungry for a laid back, bohemian style restaurant to jive with the eclectic aura of Travelers Rest.  Opened in 2015, the restaurant’s menu is simply, pizza, salads, beer, wine and dessert.

sidewall pizza sidewall pizzaPizza’s are hand-made, 14-inch, thin crust with a variety of toppings and sauces.  Patrons can even mix things up and construct their own signature pizza from the “sauce, cheese, and toppings,” menu.

Their signature salads are made with only fresh ingredients and are a hearty portion.

The menu may not be complicated, but their pies are creative.  Specials are frequently posted on their Facebook page.

My “MEAT” pizza

sidewall pizzaI picked up the “protein pizza,” along with some bread sticks, served with a marinara dipping sauce. A “meat-lover’s” dream, this pie contains bacon, pepperoni, prosciutto, Italian sausage, mozzarella and Pecorino cheese.  The pizza was delicious, not overloaded with sauce, proving a pizza does not have to taste heavy. The only negative is I wish the crust had been crispier.  However, the thin crust was flavorful.

Our bread sticks seemed a bit dense, but were enhanced by the delicious marinara sauce.

Voted the Best Pizza 2016 Upstate Business Journal

Although a Thursday night, the restaurant was very busy.  Waiting 30 minutes for a “to-go” pizza was reasonable given the situation.  Service was very friendly and organized.  Although, I did not order alcohol, the bartender did supply me with some water while I waited.  The bar has 4 draft taps, which they rotate offerings frequently.  Over 20 beers are on the menu, bottles and cans, along with 12 wine choices.

sidewall pizzaEveryone in the restaurant ordered ice cream for dessert.  A local favorite, Sidewall Pizza offers enough flavors to satisfy the most finicky palate.  Everything from Horchata, a traditional Mexican vanilla cinnamon to a seasonal Pumpkin Pie Spice flavor.  Even several of the “to-go” orders were accompanied by scoops of ice cream.

Overall, my experience at Sidewall Pizza was above average.  I enjoyed the food, atmosphere and definitely will be returning for some of that home-made ice cream.

Two locations are available for your dining pleasure:


Travelers Rest Hours:

Tuesday 5-9pm (Pint & Pie Running Club leaves at 6)

Wednesday 11am-9pm

Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday 11am-9pm

Saturday 11am-9pm

Downtown Greenville Hours:

Monday-Friday 11am-9pm *Closed July 4th*

Tuesday 5/31 5:30pm-9:00pm

Wednesday 6/1 5:30pm-9:00pm

Thursday 11am-9:00pm

Friday 11am-9:00pm













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South Carolina Restaurant Week

South Carolina Celebrates Restaurants

Thursday began a full 11 days of celebrating great restaurants in South Carolina.  Throughout the state, participating restaurants will be offering their culinary masterpieces for a discount, some offering multiple courses at the equivalent of one of their entrees.

This is a great opportunity to try a high-end restaurant at a great value.  I have visited several of these restaurants, see links below for my reviews.

Some adventurous foodies, may even try culinary styles they would not normally try.

Tickets are not required to attend this celebration; however, reservations are recommended.  Participating restaurants will fill to capacity quickly for dinners to experience such a great value.

Participating restaurants will provide special menus, slightly different than their standard menu.

Click on the link to see a full list of participating restaurants

Participating Restaurant List

By clicking a restaurant name on the site, you will see the menu being prepared for restaurant and the corresponding charge for that menu.

Here is a list of participating restaurants, I have personally visited and reviewed:

Dive N’ Boar
The Green Room
Grill Marks – Greenville
Passerelle Bistro
Rick Erwin’s Clemson
The Whistle Stop At the American Cafe

The Green Room salad

Salad from The Green Room


Rick Erwin Eastside New York Strip steak

Perfectly cooked steak at Rick Erwin’s-Clemson


Dive-n-boar bar

Bar at the Dive N’ Boar


Whistle Stop Cafe dessert case

Dessert case at The Whistle Stop at the American Cafe


Grill Marks Milkshake

Handmade milkshakes at Grill Marks – Greenville

Restaurant Week is a registered trademark of the South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (SCRLA) a non profit 501 (c)(6) organization. The mission of the SCRLA is to Promote, protect and educate the hospitality industry in South Carolina for the good of all.





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Lowes Foods - JoAnns Food Bites

Foodie Heaven at Lowes Foods

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Lowes Foods  opened their first location in the Upstate of South Carolina in late September.  I finally visited a couple of weeks ago and boy, was I amazed.

Visiting a Lowes Foods is not a normal trip to the grocery store, be prepared to spend most of the afternoon pursuing isles and isles of typical grocery store chain fair, but the additional amenities are what makes this supermarket stand out from the rest.

Extra Amenities at Lowes Foods

Pick and prep - Lowes Foods - joanns food bites

Pick & Prep. Customers can pick what produce they wish to purchase and Lowes Foods will prep the item to your particular need. You need sliced carrots for a gratin recipe? They will prep it for you.


herbs - Lowes Foods - joanns food bites

Need just a “sprig” of fresh basil for your pasta dish tonight. Lowes Foods has an assortment of fresh herbs, planted right in the store. You can clip and pay for only what you need.


potato - Lowes Foods - JoAnns Food Bites

Pick which potatoes you want and fill a small container perfect for two.


I usually only cook for two people and my husband hates leftovers, which proves to be difficult when buying produce.  Many produce options at Lowes Foods can be purchased in small quantities such as, mushrooms, herbs, carrots and peppers.  Stations have containers, you pick out what you want and items are sold by weight.

sausage case - Lowes Foods - joanns food bites

The sausage case offers in- house smoked sausages and local options too.

cheese shop - Lowes Foods - joanns food bites

Lowes Foods cheese shop offers unusual varieties of cheese and an expert help to find just the right one.

















A moderate wine selection is available, however it is not as large as some other supermarket chains.

The meat case is impressive; but on two different visits I have made, both times, they were completely out of flank steak.

Also, they do not carry one of my favorite fish, Chilean Sea Bass.  I have to get that at The Fresh Market.

Full Grocery Store

Besides the special kiosks, Lowes Foods is a full size normal grocery store.  Similar to Kroger or Ingles, a variety of brands for each product are offered.

I found two refrigeration units full of Applegate natural and organic meats.

They also have “buy one, get one,” specials and a weekly sale advertisement.

With over 50,000 square feet and 120 employees, Lowes Food President Tim Lowe told the Greenville News, “Our Greer store will be very focused on supporting local, while providing exceptional attention to our guests.”

Hungry Customers Beware

Lowes Foods - joanns food bites


The finale of my Lowes Foods journey, meandered through the aroma of fresh bread baking in the bakery, as well as custom cakes being prepared.




The Chicken Kitchen offers freshly prepared chicken including wings, fried and rotisserie.

Sammy’s Sub Shop prepares fresh sandwiches to order and an in store coffee roaster prepares fresh cups.



The Beer Den

The Beer Den - Lowes Foods - JoAnns Food Bites

Finally, the APEX of the experience – THE BEER DEN.  With eight craft beers on tap and a variety of growlers or bottles ready to serve, The Beer Den provides shoppers with an unusual option.  Select a beer and sit at the spacious bar or sample while you shop.

Although I did not sample while I was there, this is an excellent place for husbands to hang out, while foodie’s shop.





Overall Impression

I was very impressed with Lowes Foods, founded by the same man who started Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse.

The spacious atmosphere and cleanliness of the new store made me feel very comfortable buying food here.

I love the produce department options, especially the “locally produced” section.

Having a traditional grocery store in the middle of everything makes shopping for household staples, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc convenient (cannot buy those items at The Fresh Market).

Checkout was speedy and easy.  Check out staff unloads your cart as they ring you up and curb pick it is available.

Lowes Foods has a frequent shopper rewards program, gas discounts and hands out S & H Greenpoints.  Accumulating these stamps can be applied towards purchasing kitchen gadgets or food discounts.

Lowes Foods plans to open 3-4 more locations in the Upstate, I am hoping one will be close to my house.

Location I visited is: 850 East Suber Rd. Greer, SC 29650

[jbox jbox_css=”border:6px solid #7c7c7c;padding-left:2em;” vgradient=”#dfdfdf|#ffffff” title=”What is your favorite supermarket and why?” radius=”10″ radius=”50″ shadow=”15″]









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