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A variety of recipes using vegetables

Easy Brussels Sprout Salad

I could not believe I got Doug to eat Brussels sprouts.  Neither of us like them cooked, so I tried this method…they were actually good. Thinly slice your raw Brussels sprouts, approximately 1 lb.  Place in a colander and thoroughly … Continue reading

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Creamy Avacado Sauce

Great sauce to accompany any vegetables, cooked or raw… 1/2 cup sour cream 1 avocado 1/2 jalapeno, seeds and veins removed Puree all ingredients in a blender or using an immersion blender till creamy. Chill for at least 1-2 hours … Continue reading

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Easy Fajita marinade

Easy, easy and very delicious marinade for fajitas… Whisk in a large bowl: 1/2 cup each of vegetable oil and fresh lime juice 1/3 cup fresh minced garlic 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 3 T. Worcestershire sauce 1 T. each of kosher salt, sugar, ground cumin 2 t. each smoked paprika and ground coriander 1 1/2 lb. flank steak, slightly scored 2 red onions, cut into 1/2″ thick slices 1 each red, yellow and green bell peppers, quartered   Pour 1 cup of marinade into a resealable plastic bag with the flank steak. Pour remaining 2/3 … Continue reading

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Dinner this Sunday

While my husband is home this weekend from work, I think I will make this silky easy dish for Sunday dinner with some fresh baked bread.  Maybe you can try it too and let me know what you think.  It … Continue reading

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EASY Cheesy New Potatoes Hobo Pack

Cheesy new Potatoes Hobo Pack This is a really easy side dish when you already have the grill – or Big Green Egg fired up! Non-stick cooking spray 1 lb. fingerling, round red or tiny Yukon potatoes, quartered (I used … Continue reading

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Friday Night Stir-Fry

Stir-fry was a success! Excited about using a wok on the Big Green Egg, Doug wanted to prepare stir-fry and serve it with fried rice.  I began by prepping the vegetables, taking care to make each piece uniformly the same … Continue reading

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Was very excited about making Enchiladas Verdes from my favorite cookbook, America’s Test Kitchen.   I was skeptical about trying the tomatillos.  I had never bought them before, much less cooked them, especially roasting them!  I marched off to my local … Continue reading

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