5 Ways the Potato Can Be Healthy Food


Making a Potato Healthy Recent research has determined THE POTATO can be healthy.  At only 110 calories for one medium russet potato, they are high in fiber, calcium and potassium.  If cooked properly, they can help lower blood sugar levels. The key to lowering blood sugar, while still enjoying the fluffy, creamy potato, is toRead more

Should We Worry About Lycopene in Our Food?

joanns food bites - lycopene - tomatoes

At a loyal reader’s request, I am taking a look at Lycopene in our food and if it can benefit a healthy lifestyle. Subscriber, Renee G said, “LYCOPENE: I would love to know what foods have it, how the body uses it, and if there is research showing effects on skin cancer rates.” What isRead more

Three Meals for Two People

Three meals for two people - joanns food bites

For those readers who are empty nesters or for those living alone, I am constructing three days worth of meals for you.  I will not be preparing but three meals this week, due to evening meetings and commitments elsewhere.  Maybe this will alleviate leftovers sitting in the refrigerator for weeks. Here is your grocery listRead more

St. Patrick’s Day – Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash joanns food bites

Origination of the dish Bangers and Mash Thought to be an Irish dish, Bangers & Mash originates throughout the British Isles, a group of islands including Great Britain, Ireland and over six thousand smaller isles. In native British terms, the “bangers” portion of the dish has been linked to the World War I meat shortage. Read more

10 Step Southern Cubed Steak Meal Plan

Cubed steak, mashed potatoes, leeks, broccoli

Cubed steak was a staple in our house, growing up in Georgia.  It is a cheap cut of beef, which is usually very tough.  Pan frying it, allows drippings to form the base of the good ‘ole white gravy, we southerners like to put on anything. Patience is important, as well as very hot pan,Read more

A Simple, Quick Leek Soup

Simple leek soup

What are leeks? Native to Mediterranean countries, leeks hold a flavorful spotlight in today’s culinary scene. Although resembling a giant scallion or green onion, the leek is related to both the garlic and the onion, though its flavor and fragrance are milder and more subtle. It has a thick, white stalk, cylindrical in shape andRead more

Luscious Leek Potato Soup Under an Hour

Savory Leek Potato Soup - joanns food bites

Feeling a bit under the weather, I needed a warm, hearty meal for dinner, but did not want the heaviness associated with most comfort meals. Remember, I am on the fit body boot camp regiment. I had a couple of leeks in the fridge, then discovered this rustic recipe from Americas Test Kitchen, fulfilling myRead more