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Cooking For a Group: A Dinner Party Strategy

My hubby and I are getting settled into our dream house and after three months, we decided to host our very first dinner party. He has a rather large family, spread out between several states; therefore, all of us only … Continue reading

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How NOT to Make Lemon Meringue Pie

As you might know, my husband is in the horticulture business.  A couple of weeks ago, he brought home some lemons.  Not ordinary lemons.  These lemons were bigger than my fist. Celebrating Thanksgiving a weekend early, I decided to attempt … Continue reading

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History of the delicious, creamy milkshake

So today, I am not feeling very well.  Fighting a sinus infection.  So, what do I discover…it is CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE DAY and it is my favorite food in the world! I have long since thought, sinus issues and drinking milk … Continue reading

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Summertime Strawberries

Right now is the prime time for strawberries.  Seeing all the fresh strawberries at the local farmer’s markets got me thinking about my delicious Strawberry cake that I make. What is a Strawberry? Strawberries are a red, sweet, juicy fruit … Continue reading

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