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New Herb Product

Check out this herb product I found.  The basil and parsley are slightly dried and vacuum sealed in the stack able container.  The manufacture claims they will stay fresh, if properly resealed and placed in the refrigerator for four weeks once opened. I will let you know if they last…. Please follow and like us:

Gel Pro Mats

About a year ago, when my wonderful husband so professionally installed our new kitchen hardwood flooring, I knew it was time to invest in some good work mats.  After trying several different fabric style brands, I broke down and INVESTED in the Gel Pro mats.  Many of you may have heard of them and are

Lock and Lock

These are from QVC.  I was reluctant to try them but they fit a tight shelf in my pantry perfect.  I really like the convenient lid on the front that allows you to get just the right amount of sugar, flour or whatever, without spilling excess everywhere. Under $25 for four, in a variety of