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5 Essential Kitchen Shears

Good quality kitchen shears are essential in any chefs sharp object arsenal. I have 7 different pairs of shears in my kitchen – all different.  Each pair of scissors has a specialty, but can be used in various culinary situations; however, I have narrowed my list to FIVE ESSENTIAL kitchen shears. Top 5 Essential Kitchen

5 Non-Food Thanksgiving Tips

I am lucky, I have been invited to my dad’s house for Thanksgiving, which means, I do not have to prepare the traditional meal. However, I hosted a huge family Thanksgiving several years ago. There is more to it, than just cooking a turkey and few trimmings..   I wanted to give you my 5

Cooking From A Recipe

When deciding what to prepare for dinner, I usually assess what ingredients I have in the kitchen and find a corresponding recipe. I hate anything to go to waste.  Although I try to pre-schedule meals and make my shopping list accordingly, at the beginning of the week, somehow a wrench is always thrown in my