Top 5 Essential Tools for Easter Ham

Hope you read yesterday’s post on how to thaw, prepare and roast your Easter ham?  Today, I will list my top five essential tools for cooking and serving your Easter Ham. 5.  Rimmed sheet pan with a cooling rack – pictured is my very reliable, durable “Lincoln Food Service” half-sized heavy duty sheet pan.  LightlyRead more

Tips for Cooking Ham For Easter

Holiday Ham Pork

A beautifully cooked ham is a traditional centerpiece for an Easter family dinner.  Roasting a ham is not difficult if you follow some simple steps.  The following are some good tips on thawing, preparing and cooking your holiday ham. There are several types of ham, most common is the precooked ham.  The key to preparingRead more

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip

I have made this hot spinach and artichoke dip several times.  Last week, it was our lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I have made this ahead of time and reheated on a grill for a NASCAR TAILGATE party.  Both times it was great. PREP TIME: 30 MINUTES     MAKES 3 CUPS Make sure to squeeze asRead more

Labeled cheese tray

Here is a great idea for a cocktail party or to serve as an appetizer, next time your in-laws come over….they can sample several different varieties of cheese. 1. Cover a large cutting board with aluminum foil. 2. Cut up the varietals of cheese in bite size portions. 3. Strategically place the cheese on theRead more

Easy Chicken Ball

1  8 oz. cream cheese                               1  12.5 oz canned white chicken breast meat 1  pkg Ranch dip mix Mix together with your hands.  Form a large ball. Pecans are optional for outside of ball. Chill until served.  Best with “Carr’s” water crackers. Please follow and like us: