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My Garden First Crop

My garden first crop was 2 yellow crooked neck squash and 1 zephyr squash. Both are delicious!  Both varieties have the same texture and flavor.  The Zephyr is the one with the green tip.  According to “” Zephyr squash is a relatively new type of summer squash and botanically a part of Cucurbita pepo. A

Using Natural Habitat Gardens at Ford Elementary School

Natural habitats are a necessity Natural habitats and gardens are vital to our plant’s ecosystem.  With the vast development of land throughout our region, wildlife has become displaced.  Creating natural habitats in your backyard garden can preserve necessary wildlife to sustain our environmental balance.  Ford Elementary School in Acworth, Georgia is one of the premier

Garden Planted

It is after April 15 and the danger of frost has passed so I FINALLY PLANTED MY GARDEN.  Crook neck yellow squash & goldy zucchini Of course, there is always a chance of a freak frost, but doubtful.  As noted in a previous blog post  I have already prepped my planters.  I had to

Forage for Ramps

I am searching for RAMPS This article about foraging for ramps is very informative, with great photos.    I am on the hunt for wild ramps. I have never ate them before and cannot wait to try them.  Help me find a patch! The Foraged Foodie Monday, April 30, 2012 Foraging: Identifying and Sustainably Harvesting

What you should know about the TOP 5 Root Vegetables

What is a Root Vegetable? Root vegetables are defined by being any fleshy, edible vegetable that grows underground or grows tubular.  Grown worldwide, root vegetables differ in their concentration of carbohydrates (sugar and starches).  In some countries, those root vegetables high in carbohydrates are viewed as a staple food item.  Root vegetables such as carrots

Helping New Farmers

America’s Young Farmers: We Want Student Loan Relief A nonprofit with bipartisan support is arguing for measures that encourage new farmers to get and stay in the business. Article by Neal Ungerleider of Fast Company Please follow and like us: