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Eating Subsidized Foods Can Be Deadly – PART 1

A four part series examining the United States Government’s relationship with the agricultural industry and how that directly affects your family’s health. I recently read The Journal of the American Medical Association has concluded, Americans ingesting calories from subsidized foods such as corn, soy, and hormonal injected meats, are more likely to succumb to diet-related

Organic Gardening at the Rodale Institute

If you are a home gardener wanting to educate yourself and strive for organic gardening, you need to read up on the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.  Founded by J.I. Rodale in 1947, the Rodale Institute’s initial mission was to create an example of how organic farming could work.  Because of health aliments, Rodale wanted

Sprouts, Shoots and Microgreens OH MY!

What are the differences between sprouts, shoots and microgreens? Moving to Greenville and discovering the diverse farmers markets has been enjoyable. However, I have discovered new food I had yet experienced.  Sprouts, shoots and microgreens were once only popular in expensive restaurants, prepared by Le Cordon Bleu graduates…now, they are grown by specialty farmers and

Summertime Strawberries

Right now is the prime time for strawberries.  Seeing all the fresh strawberries at the local farmer’s markets got me thinking about my delicious Strawberry cake that I make. What is a Strawberry? Strawberries are a red, sweet, juicy fruit consumed in everything from preserves to milkshakes.  Synonymous with summertime, but able to withstand shipping

Enhance Your National Wine Day

National Wine Day (Wednesday, May 25), I thought I would give some of my best wine recommendations and hints. Choices If you are new to wine, you should probably determine what flavors you might like before you go shopping.  If you like hearty, full flavored, bold type of drinks, you may like RED wine better.