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Farmer’s Markets

This weekend many local farmer’s market’s will open.  Homegrown or homemade products will be sold directly by their growers, without the costly distributor.  Freshness is the biggest advantage to buying at farmer’s markets.  Direct communication with the grower can be beneficial if you are inquisitive about chemicals or pesticides being applied to the food you

Pasta for lunch?

Traditionally, we have pasta only at dinner time.   If I have it for lunch, it is a late lunch, when I plan NOT to have a  dinner at all.  Tonight, we had a pasta dish that was light enough for lunch  (see Recipe blog for Pasta alla Trapanese).  It was good, but way too light


Was very excited about making Enchiladas Verdes from my favorite cookbook, America’s Test Kitchen.   I was skeptical about trying the tomatillos.  I had never bought them before, much less cooked them, especially roasting them!  I marched off to my local chain grocery store and asked the produce manager for tomatillos.  He pointed to a green,

Growing Herbs at Home

The springtime brings new warmer weather, entertaining on the deck and fresh, light meals.  April also brings the planting season for your culinary herbs.  Home cooks do not need a vast, huge English herb garden that can become to large to maintain.  Here are my six favorite varieties that I am growing this year and

Update on BBQ ribs

The ribs were UNBELIEVABLE! One rack was coated in Budweiser BBQ sauce and another rack in Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed the Budweiser brand. The ribs were fall off the bone tender and the smoke ring beautiful. Cole slaw and leftover barbecue beans were our side items. Ribs cooked on the Big Green

New Year

Starting the new year off right, cooking pork baby-back on a ceramic Egg.  They have been maranating for the past 16 hours in the fridge with a smooth coating of yellow mustard on them. They will need to cook on the Egg for approximately 3 hours, sitting in a Steven Raichleen rib rack.  The ribs