7-Day Eliminate Processed Food Challenge-Follow Up

Eliminate Processed Foods

On May 12, I started a 7-day challenge to eliminate processed foods from my daily caloric intake. Read the challenge info here On the letter grade scale   – I would give myself a C. If you recall…my challenge rules were as follows:  No refined grains, only 100% whole grain…

7 Day Eliminate Processed Foods Challenge

processed food chips

I started this food blog because                 I LOVE food.                 I love cooking food,                eating food and                shopping for food. I think my lust for this necessity of life, has led me down a path of occasional laziness. Yes, even foodies can be lazy sometimes. Partially to…

5 Ways the Potato Can Be Healthy Food


Making a Potato Healthy Recent research has determined THE POTATO can be healthy.  At only 110 calories for one medium russet potato, they are high in fiber, calcium and potassium.  If cooked properly, they can help lower blood sugar levels. The key to lowering blood sugar, while still enjoying the…

Should We Worry About Lycopene in Our Food?

joanns food bites - lycopene - tomatoes

At a loyal reader’s request, I am taking a look at Lycopene in our food and if it can benefit a healthy lifestyle. Subscriber, Renee G said, “LYCOPENE: I would love to know what foods have it, how the body uses it, and if there is research showing effects on…

Lowes Foods Founders’ Club Giveaway

Lowes Foods Founders' Club Giveaway

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Don’t Screw The Poach-ing; Poach Eggs in 7 steps

Poached eggs in 7 steps

Poached eggs, why are they so hard to get right? Ah, yum, a perfectly poached egg is delicious on a piece of toast, or egg-cellent as eggs Benedict.  I enjoy topping off a simple, green salad with a poached egg, allowing the runny yolk to serve as my salad dressing.…

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JoAnn's Food Bites questions

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5 Food Remedies for Insomina

tryptophan, serotonin, melatonin, insomnia

What is insomnia? Insomnia is clinically diagnosed as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.  Symptoms include: Difficulty falling asleep when tired Waking up often during the night or having trouble going back to sleep Waking up too early in the morning Feeling tired upon waking   Most cases of insomnia…

South Carolina Celebrates Restaurants

South Carolina Restaurant Week

Thursday began a full 11 days of celebrating great restaurants in South Carolina.  Throughout the state, participating restaurants will be offering their culinary masterpieces for a discount, some offering multiple courses at the equivalent of one of their entrees. This is a great opportunity to try a high-end restaurant at…

National Food Days on One Calendar

National Food Days Google Calendar

I have taken the time to create a calendar containing all the National Food Days. This is ideal for any food blogger who wants to optimize SEO strategies and use hashtags on social media. Bloggers can schedule their posts around the celebratory days to optimize readership. I have used this…