Properly Storing FRESH Herbs At Home

These days, home cooks can buy fresh herbs at their local supermarket.  Most retailers sell cilantro, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley, basil and thyme. Always buy the freshest bunch.  Try smelling them. Fresh herbs should have a strong, fresh aroma.  The leaves should look clean, green and crisp. Once home, do not clean themRead more

Top 5: Prepping for Your Herb Garden

Now that it is March, it is time to start thinking about your own herb garden.  First establish which zone you live in for hardy planting….see my previous post Most herbs seeds can be planted outside, once the danger of frost has passed.  However, horticultural expert, Doug Johnson says when dealing with herbs, itRead more

Composting at Home

To decrease our carbon footprint, home cooks should consider home composting. Benefits to home composting include not only reducing your carbon footprint, but also growing a better home vegetable garden.  Composting is the process of controlling the decomposition of organic matter by providing the proper environment for the process to take place. Devices can beRead more

Getting your spring plants ready…..

Planting season is almost here.  Right now, you should be thinking about what food you may want to grow and where, in your landscape you will put them. First, determine which growing zone you live in…here is a chart to help you…. Determine your zone……         Once you have determined your zone,Read more

Berry Basics

This is the season for berries.  Just wanted to write about a few basic tips when buying, storing and cooking with berries. Buying: Always buy berries that are plump, firm, dry and free of blemishes or mold. Follow your nose; the most fragrant berries will taste the best. Storing: Never wash the berries until youRead more

Herb Garden Update

The 12 day heatwave of temperatures above 90º have not killed my herbs yet.  Lightly watering every other day, I have been able to keep them growing and pungent in flavor.  Two different Basil, two different sage, chives and oregano are all doing well.   Make sure to pick off new white flowers on your basilRead more

Growing Herbs at Home

The springtime brings new warmer weather, entertaining on the deck and fresh, light meals.  April also brings the planting season for your culinary herbs.  Home cooks do not need a vast, huge English herb garden that can become to large to maintain.  Here are my six favorite varieties that I am growing this year andRead more