Henry’s Louisiana Grill

Finding an exciting, authentic restaurant can be a daunting task; however, downtown Acworth has a locally owned eatery that fits the bill like no other. Henry’s Louisiana Grill is a Mari Gras party every night.  Owners Henry and Claudia Chandler have established somewhat of a legendary landmark along Main Street in Acworth.  Patrons come forRead more

Capers Restaurant and Bar

For those local dinners that have eaten at Caper’s, they have actually relocated from downtown Kennesaw, to a strip center at Old Hwy 41 and Barrett Parkway; but remain in Kennesaw.  I had to visit to see if the quality would also move to the new location.  Known as Capers On Main, owner Veronica DudleyRead more

Herb Garden Update

The 12 day heatwave of temperatures above 90º have not killed my herbs yet.  Lightly watering every other day, I have been able to keep them growing and pungent in flavor.  Two different Basil, two different sage, chives and oregano are all doing well.   Make sure to pick off new white flowers on your basilRead more

Farmer’s Markets

This weekend many local farmer’s market’s will open.  Homegrown or homemade products will be sold directly by their growers, without the costly distributor.  Freshness is the biggest advantage to buying at farmer’s markets.  Direct communication with the grower can be beneficial if you are inquisitive about chemicals or pesticides being applied to the food youRead more

Pasta alla Trapanese (courtesy of David Rocco)

Portions enough for 3-4 servings.  You can double the recipe for a larger crowd. 3 vine ripe tomatoes, quartered 2 cloves of garlic Basil leaves torn 1/4 cup of the best olive oil you like Mix all of these ingredients, using a mortar and pestle, or if you don’t need the exercise, use a foodRead more