7 Important Kitchen Design Tips

From personal experience of designing my own kitchen, here are 7 Design Tips anyone renovating their existing kitchen or building their dream kitchen, should consider.

1. Do Your Research

Before you start the project, make a list of all the things you want in your kitchen.

List the types of cabinets you like.

Measure the square footage you have to work with.

Consider what you like to do in the kitchen. Do you bake? Do you like entertaining?


2. Interview Your Cabinet Maker

I considered three cabinet builders before deciding to use Cook’s Construction.

I was very comfortable talking with him and even making changes during the process.

He was more than willing to show me his showroom, as well as completed projects.

The most expensive guy, may not be the best choice for you – Cook’s happened to be the quote in the middle.


3. Traffic Flow

If your square footage allows it, make sure to prepare for a crowd.

When designing my kitchen, I wanted someone to be able to stand at the sink, stand at the cook top and open the dishwasher – all at the same time – WITHOUT running into each other.

There is 6 feet between the edge of my sink – to the cook top.

kitchen design tips

When designing the island, I made sure to allow room for the large refrigerator to open easily.

The island helps control traffic patterns and keeps visitors out of the chef’s path.

4. Light the Kitchen Well

We had an awesome electrican who worked with our tight budget.

I knew I wanted recessed, can lighting. We placed eight “perimeter” lights and two lights over the island. Each group are on a separate switch. This provides plenty of light and control. Once our budget allows it, I will install a few undercabinet lights.

kitchen design tips

5. Incorporate Plenty of Counterspace

Consider your budget and what texture you want your counter tops. Before picking out your marble, granite or laminate – consider your cooking habits; all the way from prep to clean up.

I was very conscientious about incorporating my Boos Cutting Board next to the cook top.

I tend to do most of my prep work, right next to the pan. Therefore, I had to measure my cutting board and tell the contractor to allow 25-inches on one side of the cooktop.

I decided to put the cutting board on the right side of the cooktop, because it was closer to the refrigerator. Putting away vegetables or partically chopped items in the fridge, is much easier.

Make sure to create “landing space” above the dishwasher, on both sides of your sink, to allow “staging” of dirty dishes.

Make sure you have ample space to put hot dishes being removed from the oven and microwave.

6. Pick a Timeless Style

From my previous experience with white cabinets and cheap cabinets – I knew I wanted darker, solid wood cabinets, which mine are made from adler wood.

I also knew I wanted a rustic look because we are living in the mountains.

Let the architecture of your home make choices for you. Inspired by the Roman style interior doors in our house, the kitchen cabinets continue this style.

kitchen design tips

kitchen design tips





7. Organize While Designing

Most important tip is to have an organization plan in mind while you are designing your kitchen.

You will want to keep pots, pans and bakeware closer to the oven.

I created an entire baking station containing not only my stand mixture but drawers deep enough, to house the attachments immediately within reach.

kitchen design tips

Make sure glassess and plates are near the dishwasher. This allows putting the dishes away much easier.

I even put my flatware drawer right next to the dishwasher.

Major appliances are in cabinets stored UNDER the countertop. You do not want to bring down a ten pound bread making machine from above your head, to the counter; it is easier to lift it up, to the counter.

I hope these 7 tips to designing your dream kitchen help you.

Remember, make the kitchen comfortable; if you do not, cooking will be a chore, instead of enjoyment.

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