5 Essential Kitchen Shears

Good quality kitchen shears are essential in any chefs sharp object arsenal.

I have 7 different pairs of shears in my kitchen – all different.  Each pair of scissors has a specialty, but can be used in various culinary situations; however, I have narrowed my list to FIVE ESSENTIAL kitchen shears.

Top 5 Essential Kitchen Shears

Herb Shears

Herb shearsHerb shears








These scissors are great if you like to use fresh herbs, as I do.  With one cut, a small bundle of chives are cut into small, garnish size tidbits.

Great for cutting directly over a salad or pasta, instead of having to pick up debris off a cutting board.

Use the cover to clean the five slits of blades.

Do not place in the dishwasher.

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Master Culinary Multipurpose 5-blade Herb Scissors w/ “Longfinger” Cleaning Brush | Time-Saving Kitchen Shears Chop Herbs Fast |


Fiskars Pull-Apart Shears

Fiskars Pull Apart scissors

Fiskars, one of the best brands in cutting utensils, makes a pull-apart version that is great for cutting those items which could contain bacteria.

Any raw meats can be cut by these serrated blades.

Pull them apart to thoroughly clean in hot, soapy water.

Very durable and comfortable, these are my favorite scissors to use in the kitchen.

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Fiskars 7in Take-Apart Shears




J.A. Henckel Scissors

J.A. Henckels Scissors

Now, you may question spending $20 on a pair of scissors, but wait, these are German made, J.A. Henckels.

With ever-lasting sharp blades, these scissors are an investment and should NOT be used in the garden, despite what my father-in-law used to do.

The slip-resistant handles make them ideal for cutting out the backbone of a chicken.

Great for cutting parchment paper, butchers twine and pie dough.

The screw in the center of the scissors allow you to adjust them for proper closing action.

These are a workhorse in the kitchen.

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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin L Kitchen Shears




Dura-Sharp Generic Scissors

Dura Sharp Scissors


These are utility sewing scissors for thin, finer objects such as paper or thread.

Made out of titanium coated stainless steel blades, these will need to be sharpened periodically.

I’ve had mine over 10 years.

Great for opening chip bags, pasta boxes or flour bags; I try to restrict use of these to paper items.






Locking Micro Pruners

Locking Micro Pruners

These are my garden pruners for herbs, tomatoes, squash, peppers, everything I cut from the garden for cooking.

I do not use these on cleaned food.  That means I don’t necessarily have to sterilize these after every use.

Extremely sharp.  I love the locking mechanism to keep the blades shut after use.

The “micro-tip” makes it easy to make precise cuts on watermelon stems.  Allows you to get right up next to and cut a tomato at the flower.

Easily harvest bell peppers by cutting at their stem.

Just occasionally clean with steel wool, rinse and thoroughly dry.  Residual water will cause these blades to rust.

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Backyard Garden Pros 11815 Comfort Grip Micro Tip Pruner Snip



Bonus: Shear & Scissor Sharpener

Sharpener for ShearsI bought my shear sharpener in a combination pack from QVC, which also contained a hand-held knife sharpener.

I like this scissor sharpener because it is easy to control.  I open the scissors and just slide one blade at a time across the carbide edge.

Purchase by clicking here:AccuSharp Shear Sharp Scissor Sharpener


I hope you find my list of FIVE ESSENTIAL KITCHEN SHEARS helpful.

Did I leave your favorite cutting scissors off the list?  If so…leave me a comment telling me which are your favorites.






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